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Studies show, 70-80% of Americans view their families as dysfunctional, making it challenging for some to communicate their needs and establish boundaries.

Too often, toxic family cycles shape our lives, holding us back from reaching our true potential. Family dysfunction can cause a tremendous amount of heartache and stress. It can also lead you to believe that you're unworthy of love and incapable of having healthy relationships. What if I told you that YOU can create your dream life?

Despite what others may think, you have the power to break free from the patterns of the past and create a brighter future for yourself and future generations.

Whether you are struggling with toxic parents, gossiping family members or, disrespectful children, my goal is to equip you with the tools and strategies you need to lead an authentic and empowered life. It's time to let go of family baggage and claim the life you deserve!

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the Drama Detox workBook

Are you struggling to navigate conflict and reduce stress in your relationships? Discover the path to drama-free life with the Drama Detox Workbook.

Unlock self-confidence and break toxic patterns with the Drama Detox Workbook. From mastering self-awareness to conquering challenging relationships, this workbook is your passport to a drama-free life. Embark on a transformative journey, where you'll uncover the roots of internal conflicts and rewrite your narrative for healthier relationships. The workbook features:

  • Transformative Tools: Harness the power of self-discovery with proven techniques and easy-to-use guidance to kick-start your drama-free life.
  • Insightful Prompts: Dive deep into self-awareness with thought-provoking questions designed to help you break free from harmful narratives and birth your best self.
  • Empowering Activities: Engage in exercises that boost your confidence and emotional intelligence. Learn the power of compassionate communication and healthy boundaries.

Immerse yourself in proven techniques, thought-provoking prompts, and empowering activities that unlock emotional intelligence, fortify healthy boundaries, and elevate your communication skills. Whether you're embarking on a solo journey to break generational cycles or searching for the perfect gift, 'The Drama Detox Workbook' is your trusted companion on the path to self-love and meaningful relationships.


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Resolve: Conflict Navigator

Resolve: Conflict Mastery

Dive into an empowering 8-week journey with our Navigator program. Explore emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, healthy boundaries, effective communication, and personal accountability. This comprehensive course empowers you to break free from limitations, cultivate inner strength, and transform your approach to conflicts. Engaging sessions and personalized guidance equip you with essential tools for a fulfilling life.

For graduates of our foundational program, this course offers continued growth and support. Enhance your journey with weekly office hours and one-on-one coaching group check-ins over 6 weeks. Maintain momentum, fine-tune your skills, and address ongoing challenges within a community of like-minded individuals committed to sustained personal development.

Tune in to The Conflict Queen Podcast

The Conflict Queen Podcast explores the impact of generational trauma on our relationships and well-being.

Hosted by Christy Abram, Boundary Coach and author of "The Conflict Queen: How to Build Boundaries, Slay Drama, and Break Free from Generational Cycles," this podcast features real-life stories and tips to help you build self-awareness and healthy boundaries.

Join us on this journey of transformation as we explore how to slay family drama and heal your roots. Sister friend, it's time to heal. as we explore how to slay family drama and heal your roots. Sister friend, it's time to heal.

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Christy Abram is an acclaimed author, skilled communication and boundary coach, and the dynamic founder of The Conflict Queen. Her work empowers communities to overcome generational conflict, by fostering personal growth and resilience. As the host of The Conflict Queen podcast, she masterfully delves into the impact of generational trauma, offering transformative insights and real-life strategies for building self-awareness and healthy boundaries.

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